Here comes the Sol! Maximise seating capacity without compromising quality

Sol — the newest addition to our ever-expanding range of self-stabilising table bases — a small cone-shaped disc-base with big self-stabilising power.

Our Technical Director, Toby Heyring’s, mind is always ticking away on how best to solve the world’s wobbly table problem. Well, that and where the best fishing spot for the weekend might be! With Sol, he’s perfectly nailed the brief of what you’ve all been asking for. Sol has emerged as one of our highly sought-after bases, addressing a common challenge shared by business operators and interior designers alike: creating something aesthetically appealing and functional within a limited footprint.

At NOROCK we take immense pride in pushing the frontiers of engineering and design plus we’re backed by more than 25 years of expertise in self-stabilising solutions. Our continuous improvement ethos powers everything we do. And with Sol, the proof is in the pudding! One of the most exciting features of Sol is its seamless flush-to-the-ground cone. Not only does this provide an aesthetic appeal, but in a small space, protruding table legs can be a trip hazard. In addition, the cone design makes cleaning a breeze.

To add to its magic — our Sol base is available to order in all of our colours, including in brass, allowing you to match your interior design preferences and aesthetics. Additionally, Sol comes in all three heights, catering to different requirements, including dining height, counter and bar heights. You may see Sol out and about already, having found its way into a few venues that were keen as mustard, like both 22 Grams and Baked.

Whether you aim to maximise the number of tables in your venue or seek a space-saving solution for a smaller establishment, Sol is the answer to your needs.

Experience the NOROCK difference and say goodbye to wobbly tables for good — contact a NOROCK partner near you or email us today.

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